American Bresse Hatching Eggs

Occasionally we will have extra hatching eggs* to offer. When we do, they are offered on our Winlock American Bresse Facebook farm page and also on Craigslist. Eggs are first come, first served and must be pre-paid if you want us to hold them for longer than travel time. Hatching eggs are priced as follows:

$25 for a 6-pack

$50 per dozen

We will not sell less than 6 hatching eggs. 

*Although we confirm fertility here at the farm, due to a multitude of factors outside of our control (USPS handling, your incubation methods, etc), we are unable to guarantee hatch rates for our American Bresse hatching eggs. If an egg does not develop once in your incubator, that does not mean it wasn't fertile. We can, however, guarantee that you will receive FRESH eggs that are ready for incubation. We DO NOT offer replacements on hatching eggs based on development and hatch rates. No exceptions.