This fall we'll begin taking reservations for our 2024/25 breeding season. Kids will be born this coming spring. To read all about this year's pairings, please check out our 2024/25 breeding plan.

            *** ALL OF OUR 2025 KIDS WILL BE BOTTLE BABIES. ***

We will take reservations for 1 buck kid and 1 doe kid per breeding pair. Reservations are $100 per kid and will apply towards their purchase. Reservation fees are non-refundable* (The exception being if we don't have a kid to offer you from your chosen pair. In that case we will be happy to refund your reservation fee)

Kids will be offered to those with reservations, first. Once a kid is offered, you will have 48 hours (from the time our notification was sent) to either place the rest of a 50% deposit or pass. Once you pass (or it's been 48 hours since you were notified) the kid will be offered to the general public. Your kid will be ready to leave for its new home once it has been disbudded (usually by one week old) and before it is 2 weeks old. 

*Reservation fees will be refunded if we are unable to offer you a kid from your chosen breeding. These reservations are for our 2025 kids ONLY. Fees cannot be rolled over, but they can be applied to another of our available 2025 kids.

*** By asking to place a reservation you are agreeing to all of the above. ***