Soaring Heart's Purple PolkaDot PJ 3*P

Dot may not be flashy, but she has some great qualities. She has lovely breed character in a small package, which is one of the things we are striving for. She has a sweet, friendly personality, gets along well with her herd mates and has perfect milk stand manners. She easily earned her production star on a 1-day milk test as a 2nd freshener. Dot has an enviable udder. Beautifully attached, wide udder arch, perfectly placed teats, and easy-to-milk orifices. She also has decent conformation. She placed 3rd in the spring 2022 MDGA V-Show. I am so pleased with her that I have retained two of her daughters, Sapphire Blues and Connect the Dots. I obviously want more of her genetics and udder in my herd!

Lines: Hidden Creek, Echo Hills, and Green Gables on top / Eddy Place, Hidden Creek, and Echo Hills on bottom.

Things I love about Dot: Her beautiful head, her topline, her snug udder attachments, her "easy to milk" orifices, her teat size and placement, and her incredibly soft "dairy" skin.

Height approx. 24.5".



2-26-21: First freshening. Buck/doe twins. (156)

4-10-22: Triplets. 2 does and 1 buck. (154)

4-22-23: Triplets. 2 bucks and a doe. (151)

She has easy births and is an attentive mother.

Dot's dam, FMCH Soaring Heart's Purple Rain 2*P

Photo courtesy of Soaring Heart's Farm.

Dot's dam's udder.

Photo courtesy of Soaring Heart's Farm.

Dot's sire, Green Gables GS Golden Sunrise +B

Photo courtesy of Soaring Heart's Farm.

His dam's udder.

Photo courtesy of Green Gables.