Delica's Elle Spring Rayne 2*P

Rayne's dam earned her milk star on a 1-day test in 2019 as a 4th freshener.  Rayne has a decent udder and rear attachments which are an improvement over both her dam and her sire's dam.  Rayne is a small doe which is something I appreciate. She is friendly and loves attention. I'd describe her personality as "spunky". She's little but she takes no guff from the other goats.

Rayne has just completed her 305-day milk test and has earned her milk star. Her 2024 sons will inherit their *B.

Lines: Echo Hills on top / Blue Oak on bottom.

Things I love about Rayne: Her breed character, her compact size, her "easy to milk" orifices, and her teat size and position. She's also an "easy keeper". She's never sick and easily holds her condition through pregnancy and lactation.

Height approx. 24".



3-24-21: First freshening. Single buckling. 

4-24-22: Twin bucklings. (147)

5-2-23: Twins; buck and doe. (148)