Oakfield OB Black Eyed Susan

Photo courtesy of Oakfield Nigerians.

Photo courtesy of Oakfield Nigerians.

Susie came to us in January of 2024, bred to Monkey Hill Mercury InRetrogrd (Freddie)

From the Oakfield Nigerians website, "Several of Freddy’s sisters have been on test and his sire is on track to earn a +B, which would give Freddy a *B. His sisters have also appraised well, with one earning a VVVE88 as a first freshener, another a VVVV87 at fourteen months in milk. A full sister, Monkey Hill FN Silver Lark +A+V82 peaked at 3.3 lbs as a yearling first freshener and went on to produce 520 lbs of milk, 31 lbs of butterfat and 22 lbs of protein at 199 days in milk." His dam, Monkey Hill GS Sika 5*M VVVE87 produced 720 lbs. of milk, 41 lbs. of butterfat and 29 lbs. of protein on her 3rd lactation, in only 264 days in milk. She peaked at 5 lbs. her 4th lactation. 

Susie's dam is the herd queen at Oakfield Nigerians, Riverbrook Violet 1*M. Violet has earned her AR in all 3 categories in 2023. Her butterfat was 9.9! She accomplished this feat on once-a-day milking while being fed mainly orchard grass hay. She also has quite the will-to-milk and will likely hit at least 400 DIM before drying off. 

Susie is meant to be a girlfriend for Till-Riv MLC Spicy Endeavor *B. We also hope to retain one of her daughters to breed to Andy. We can't wait to see her 2nd freshening udder. Susie is due March 23rd.

Lines: Castle Rock and Old Mountain Farm on top / Camanna and Rosasharn on bottom.

2023 LA GVGV 84 (her first freshening)

Highest possible score for a FF is 89, so she done good!

Height approx. 21.25".   


5-8-23: First freshening. Twins. Buck & doe. (146)

(We did not own her for her 1st freshening.)

Susie's dam, Riverbrook Violet 1*M


Violet's udder.

Photos courtesy of Oakfield Nigerians

SGCH Rosasharn Un Bumble B 5*M

                             92 EEEE                                          

Bumble B is Violet's maternal granddam.  From the Camanna's Petite Paradise website, "When it comes to milking, this girl is a dream. She has large teats and orifices and is thus milked out very quickly." I am hoping that she passed those qualities on to Susie.

Photo courtesy of Camanna's Peteite Paradise.

Susie's sire, Camanna HS Orion's Belt *B

Photos courtesy of Oakfield Nigerians

Orion's dam,  GCH Old Mountain Farm BrownI'dSuzN 5*M

 GCH Old Mountain Farm BrownI'dSuzN 5*M


SuzN's udder 2nd fresh.

SuzN's udder 2nd fresh.

SuzN's udder at 10 yo

All photos of GCH Old Mountain Farm Brown Eyed SuzN 5*M are courtesy of Old Mountain Farm Nigerians.