Rusted Roof Evangeline

Eva's First Freshening Udder.

Eva was a bit of an emergency adoption. She had been a pet, along with her littermate sister, for her first 4 years. Her sister passed away suddenly, and Eva's owner decided the best thing for Eva was to find her a new home so she wouldn't be lonely. Since I know she hasn't been around any other goats, I am not worried about her having any diseases. I decided to bring her in and give her a chance at Willoughby Croft. She had never been bred and finally got to have some kids of her own as a 5 year old first freshener. I was worried she wouldn't take to milking but it turns out she LOVES being a dairy goat and has perfect milk stand manners. She has a big personality and has earned the nickname Eva the Diva. Her only drawback is she does not like to be led. 

Eva is on 305-day milk test and she's on track to earn her milk star for both production and butterfat. 

Lines: Proverbs 31 and Blue Oaks on top / Cornerstone, Hidden Creek, and Echo Hills on bottom.

Things I love about Eva: She's not overly tall. She's wide and deep. She has lovely breed character. She has open orifices and super soft, easily milked teats.

Height approx. 26.75".

Weight approx. 110#.



5-6-23: First freshening. Twin bucklings. (152)

She kidded, unassisted, as a 5-year-old FF.