JKG Farms

Whoah Nellie

Nellie rounds out our group of high quality standard Nubian does.  Our goal is to produce some new lines that will be an asset to the Mini Nubian community. Nellie's dam has a very nice udder with a strong medial and perfectly placed teats. Nellie's sire is well known in the Nubian community and has inherited his *B. Nellie's pedigree is jam packed with superior genetics, finished champions, and milk stars. We are very excited to see what caliber of kids she produces for us.

Lines: My-Enchanted-Acres on top / Blossom-Thyme on bottom.

Things I love about Nellie: Her strong breed character (check out the Roman nose), topline, rump angle, brisket, long body, and strong feet.

Height approx. ".

G6S status pending.

Nellie's dam, Blossom-Thyme FF Ellie Mae.

These are the only photos I have of her.

Photo courtesy of JKG Farms.

Her udder isn't full in this photo but you can see her udder structure. She has a strong medial and perfectly placed teats.

Photo courtesy of JKG Farms.

Nellie's sire, My-Enchanted-Acres LM Ovation *B

Photo courtesy of Blossom-Thyme.

Ovation's dam, My-Enchanted-Acres Mischifmakr 8*M

Photo courtesy of My-Enchanted-Acres.