The Leisure Time SouthernSass 6*M (pending) 

FF Udder

Photo courtesy of Leisure Time Nigerians.

As a newborn.

Photo courtesy of Leisure Time Nigerians.

Sassy joined our Nigerian line-up in February of 2024. She had kidded with a single buck on 6-1-23 and earned her milk star in butterfat and protein as a first freshener. All of her immediate relatives have their milk stars. In fact only 6 goats in her extended pedigree don't have their stars....and they are all her great great great grandparents. I think it's safe to say she is from proven milky lines. Her dam placed 1st out of 42 Nigerian Dwarf Junior kids at the 2019 ADGA National Show! Sassy's sire's dam's dam, SG Springwater SMKY Chocolate Pie made the ADGA Elite list in 2019 for being in the 98th percentile nationally!  Sass will be bred to Till-Riv MLC Spicy Endeavor *B for spring 2025 kids.

Lines: Redstone & Springwater on top / Leisure Time & Algedi Farm on bottom.

2023 LA GGGG 82 (her first freshening)

Height approx. ". 


6-1-23: First freshening. Single buck. ()

(We did not own her for her 1st freshening.)

Sassy's dam, Leisure Time ZZ Georgia 5*M

84 VVV+

All photos of Georgia are courtesy of Leisure Time Nigerians.

Georgia's rear udder.

Georgia's side udder.

Sassy's sire's dam, Springwater JT Pied Piper 5*M

+VEE 87

Piper's udder.

All photos of Pied Piper are courtesy of Pippin Hill Farm.

Piper's dam made the ADGA Elite list in 2019.