MDNT WK Lucky Bet *B

We are so excited when we were lucky winners in a drawing for 50% off our choice of a 2024 buckling from Midnight Milkers Nubian Farm. Our buckling was born 2-10-24. We are thrilled for the opportunity to add this wonderful buck to our Nubian breeding program.

This boy has a phenomenal pedigree packed with superior genetics, elite goats, and grand champions. Every single goat in his immediate pedigree have their milk stars, including his dam, Blissberry AC Vegas Visions 5*M. Her star will show on his registration once ADGA catches up on milk awards. They are woefully behind. His sire's dam placed first in her class (of 16 does) in the ADGA 2019 Nationals. His dam's dam placed 4th in that same class. 

A quote from Midnight Milkers Nubians talking about Lucky's sire and dam:

"Vision is littermate sister to our senior herd sire, +*B Blissberry AC Reno, who has been the foundation of our herd. She’s a daughter of none other than SGCH Kastdemurs Viva Las Vegas 4*M EX92 and +*B Wingwood Farm CM Atticus (Candyman grandson) and her littermate sister GCH Blissberry Viva La Sueño 5*M EX90 was the 2019 ADGA National Show 3rd place Intermediate Kid as well as 2021 ADGA National Show 8th place Two-Year-Old."

Lucky's sire is My-Enchanted-Acres Wrath of Khan *B

"Khan's dam is My Enchanted Acres KW Kharisma 5*M EX92, the 2019 ADGA Reserve National champion! His sire is the famous SGCH My Enchanted Acres LM Candyman EX91, whose dam was also a JR National champion, sired the 2023 ADGA JR National champion as well as being 1st place JR and SR get of sire in both 2019 and 2023! Khan's littermate sister, My Enchanted Acres Sweet Sister, adds to the genetic powerhouse of this pedigree as she was the 2nd place intermediate kid at the 2023 National show.

This pedigree contains so many incredible animals and line breeds on them as well. Candyman, Dakota Playboy, RNBOSkitles, Kharisma, Viva Las Vegas, and Kharm Personified to name a few. "

Stud fee is $200

His dam, Blissberry AC Vegas Visions 5*M

Vision's udder.

Photos courtesy of Midnight Milkers.

Blissberry AC Reno +*B

Littermate brother to Blissberry AC Vegas Visions 5*M.

Photo courtesy of Midnight Milkers.

Vision's dam, SGCH Kastdemur's Viva Las Vegas 4*M


Viva Las Vegas's udder.

Photos courtesy of Blissberry Nubians.

                       My-Enchanted-Acres Wrath of Khan's dam,                           SGCH My-Enchanted-Acres KW Kharisma 5*M


Kharisma's udder.

Photos courtesy of Midnight Milkers.

She placed 2nd in a class of 20.

Khan's littermate sister (above), My Enchanted Acres Sweet Sister. She was the 2nd place intermediate kid at the 2023 National show.                                  Photo courtesy of Midnight Milkers Nubians.