Into The Mystic

Mysti was added to the herd in spring 2023. As I started digging into her pedigree I was very impressed with her dam, Royal Cedars Pippin Liberty.  Unfortunately, Liberty got mastitis in the right half of her udder as a 2yo FF'er, and now that side is not functioning. I do not have access to any rear udder photos for her. However, she did appraise at EX 90 (VVEE) in 2019, at 5 years old. That is WITH her damaged udder. That shows her udder is amazing. Mysti's sire's dam has a very nice udder that has held up well. She is now 10 years old and her udder is still right where it should be.  I am excited to give Mysti a chance to shine in our herd. She will be on milk test in 2024.

Lines: A lot of really great older lines on top/Royal Cedars on bottom.

Things I love about Mysti: She is a well put together doe and small for a Standard Nubian. She has a very sweet personality.


Height approx. ".



3-5-24: First freshening. Single doe. (149)

Dam: Royal Cedars Pippin Liberty

Photo courtest of Royal Cedars.

Sire: Atsila Y Must U B Spotted

Photo courtesy of Atsila Nubians.

Sire's Dam: Under The Sun Farm Brownie Mix.

10 years old.

Photo courtesy of Atsila Nubians.

5 years old.

Photo courtesy of Proverbs 31 Mini Nubians.

5 years old.

Photo courtesy of Proverbs 31 Mini Nubians.