Our entire herd tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes in spring 2021.

Buy with confidence.

All kids born on our farm are G6S normal by parentage.

We breed for milk production, udder/teat shape and size, conformation, breed character....and just plain good looks. Our goats are from Show and Heavy Production lines. The proof is in their pedigrees! We like to try for Feb/March kids...but the dams don't always cooperate. We'll update with the does' expected due dates once they've been bred. This should be sometime in September/October (or sometime later). 

Actual price of kids will depend on whether polled, moon spotted, blue eyed, etc... 

Reservations are a non-refundable $100 which will be applied to the kid's deposit/purchase price.

A 50% non-refundable deposit holds your kids until they are picked up.  

Important disclaimer: I reserve the right to retain ANY Kid/Doe/Buck on my farm, at ANY TIME and for ANY REASON, until full payment is received, and the goat has left my possession. If I decide to retain, you will be refunded any deposit made IMMEDIATELY and in full.