No buck? No problem!

(F4 Mini Nubian)

MDNT W Lucky Bet *B 

(Purebred Nubian)

We now offer some of our bucks for stud. Does must have proof of current disease testing for CL, CAE, and Johnes (tested no more than 9 months prior to breeding). We offer a form of "driveway" breeding. You bring your doe to our farm when she is in heat, we put her into our breeding pen along with your buck of choice, they have some quality time together...and then you are on your way with a breeding memo in hand.


Stud fees are due at the time of service. All stud fees are listed, below. Check out our bucks on their individual pages (click on their name). Stud fees are "per doe".

J3 Farm Blue Cypress *B (F4 Mini) - $200

Willows Acre Golden Opportunity (F2 Mini) - $150

Till-Riv MLC Spicy Endeavor *B (Nigerian) - $150

Till-Riv TA Chocolate Chip (Nigerian) - $150

MDNT WK Lucky Bet *B (Nubian) - $200

Humfleet's MBM Man In The Moon *B (Nubian) - $200